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Many Farmers still prefer to use small 20-25kg bags for ease of manual handling.  For economies of transport these can be delivered in multiples of pallet loads.  This can create problems for delivery if the farmer does not have a forklift or front-end loader with the capacity to lift the pallet.  Alternatively delivery can be complicated by having to arrange for a forklift to be on site when the lorry arrives, often resulting in one or other party having to wait for the other.  Operating a Palfinger truck mounted forklift in this system offers advantages:

No Manual Handling - If a driver needs to manually unload the bags this can not only be time consuming but can often lead to problems with personal injury. Back injuries are common with manual handling of this type and can lead to many costly weeks off work.

Increased Efficiency - The Palfinger Crayler allows your driver to unload upon arrival, without the need to wait for a customer's forklift to arrive.  No waiting can have a large effect on the amount of deliveries possible per day and makes delivery planning much easier.


Customer Service - Using a Palfinger also removes the need for your customer to manually unload the bags or meet the lorry with a forklift.  This can be a large benefit to the customer during busy times of the year.  Furthermore the mobility of the Palfinger allows the delivery to be postioned just where the customer requires including narrow areas not accessible with the lorry or inside buildings.  This level of customer service has proven to increase the business for Palfinger users.

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