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A Palfinger truck mounted forklift used in combination with a curtainsided truck provides the perfect self unloading solution for glass, window and door delivery. 

Delivery System - Orders for each customer can be collated onto stillages at the factory / warehouse.

Stillages allow complete orders to be held together ready for despatch. When due to be delivered the complete order can be quickly and safely loaded onto the lorry.


No Manual Handling or
working at height issues

Loading Speed - The load is easily and quickly secured as the delicate cargo is already secured within the stillages.

Safety - Using the Palfinger truck mounted forklift the driver does not need to climb onto the truck platform (necessary when using a crane). This improves driver safety and compliance with working at height regulations.


Glass delivered in perfect condition

Safety - The Palfinger truck mounted forklift can do all the heavy lifting, reducing manual handling to minimum 

Flexibility - At the delivery point the flexiblity of the Palfinger is utilised, no need for the customer to organise a forklift. The Palfinger is unloaded and ready for work in around 60 seconds.  Saving time not having to wait to be unloaded means more loads can be delivered

Complete orders can be unloaded

Customer Service - Complete orders can be lifted from the lorry and delivered exactly where required. Whether it's along a narrow drive, across a rough construction site or inside a building the Palfinger truck mounted forklift will deliver quickly and easily.

Convenience -  Unlike self unloading systems that are fixed to the truck (e.g. Crane or Tail lift) the Palfinger truck mounted forklift allows the driver to park where convenient and then carry the load with the forklift.  A real time saving benefit when operating in busy cities or building sites for example.

Efficient - The flexibility of the Palfinger TMF being able to access all areas allows larger delivery vehicles to be used.  Larger vehicles give economy of scale and less empty miles having to return to base to reload. 

In combination with glass carriers

Product Protection - Transport in a curtainsided vehicle provides the best product protection from both damage and the dirt and grime during transport. In addition the curtains provide important advertising space to promote your company, services and image.

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