Specialist Stone Delivery

Self Unload Stone Deliveries....

Self unloading is often required by customers of specialist stone whether a building site with no forklift available or a private address.  

The self unloading method may encounter further problems such:
- Restricted Access e.g. narrow driveway
- Offroad surfaces  e.g. wet building site
- Rough surfaces e.g. gravel
- Gradients

Heavy Stone Pallets are easy to handle with a Palfinger

Which self unload method is most suitable?

Problems with Tail-lift and pallet truck

Limitations of Crane Delivery

  • Difficult to keep below the HSE Manual Handling guidelines of 20kg starting force and 10kg force to keep the pallet truck rolling.
  • Need to get truck close to delivery point
  • Restricted to smooth surfaces
  • Can only deliver to where the lorry can be driven
  • Not possible to deliver along narrow driveways
  • Building site deliveries can result in vehicles getting stuck or vehicle damage
  • Can't use curtainsided trucks for advertising

Self unload with a Palfinger Crayler

The Palfinger truck mounted forklift is independent to the truck. Therefore the truck can be parked in the most convenient place and then the forklift driven to the delivery point.

Access all areas...

The Palfinger truck mounted forklift can access narrow driveways and offroad surfaces to  place the pallet of stone exactly where required  

Deliver away from the truck and up narrow driveways

No Manual handling - The Palfinger takes all the strain, lifting and moving the heaviest pallets of stone from the truck  to the delivery point.

Oneside Unloading  - When unloading in restricted areas (e.g. single track road) the Palfinger can reach across the bed  to unload the truck from one side.

The  Palfinger F3 203 PX is well suited to specialist stone deliveries click here for more info  

One-side unloading with the Palfinger


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