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Brick and Block

Self unloading is normally required for brick and block deliveries.  For many operations a truck mounted crane is thought as the only option but a Palfinger truck mounted forklift offers some big advantages.


A crane can only place the blocks next to the lorry and on many sites the lorry cannot get to where the customer would prefer the delivery, maybe due to a narrow entrance or muddy site.  A Palfinger truck mounted forklift can really access all areas

A crane is permanently mounted to the truck or trailer, whereas a Palfinger truck mounted forklift can be easily removed.  This enables the vehcile to deliver without the forklift if extra payload is required or the forklift can be shared between vehicles depending on requirements. 

With the addition of a Bennett Universal Load Handler (ULH) the Palfinger truck mounted forklift can handle brick packs without pallets.  The ULH can then quickly fold vertically and forks are folded down to allow handling of palletised goods and mounting onto the truck or trailer.  Find out more >>

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