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Thinking outside the box....


Traditional truck mounted forklifts are carried on the rear of the vehicle.  The Palfinger BM is a unique concept whereby the forklift is carried in a mounting box under the vehicle. 

How is the Palfinger removed from the box? 

Ready in 30 seconds - Simple, the Mounting box door is folded down forming the ramp for the forklift to exit the box.  The Forklift is started and reversed out of the box.  Once clear of the box the mast is hydraulically unfolded into the operating position.  Unfold the forks and you are ready to unload the truck!   

Ready for the terrain - The Palfinger BM benefits from a clever drive system providing permanent all wheel drive, ready for when the going gets tough.

Gentle Touch - The BM steering system and the drive combine to provide a soft turn, so gentle that the BM can operate on very delicate surfaces (e.g. sports turf) without making a mark



The Palfinger BM offers all the advantages of a standard truck mounted forklift and more.... 

  • Mounted on a Semi-Trailer - allows overhanging rear loads, easy use of loading bays and better trailer stability 
  • Low Headroom Required - Deliver into low / underground areas 
  • Low Ground Pressure and soft steering - deliver across delicate surfaces e.g. sports pitches
  • Radio Controlled - Driver can stand in any position for best visibility and safety, great for operating in e.g. pedestrian areas
  • The Hidden Secret - Stored in the transport box the Palfinger BM is protected from the harsh weather conditions.
The Palfinger BM has a low deadweight and yet is powerful in both lift capacity and driving force; the perfect combination for a truck mounted forklift

Key Stats

Lifting capacity 1500-2100kg

Lift Height 1500-2850mm

Power 34.4hp Diesel Engine

Deadweight from 1485kg

There are many ways to transport the Palfinger BM


Click here for ways to transport the BM

Video - Explanation of how to operator the Palfinger BM

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